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Lawrenceville, GA are available to help people of all ages stay safely in their own homes and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, skilled nursing facility placements, or other long-term care environments. In addition, they offer an opportunity for people to receive care and support from health care professionals in their own neighborhoods and communities and remain connected with friends, family, community, and places of worship.

Enhancing Quality of Life: Azalea Home Care Services at Your Service

Many types of home health services are available, and your specific needs will determine which type you need. Generally, you’ll need a doctor’s order to get home health services and a plan of care based on your specific medical needs, such as a nurse or physical therapist, who will visit your home to provide care.

Non-medical home care is usually provided by a certified nursing assistant or (CNA) who assists in daily activities, such as bathing and dressing, meals preparation, and other household chores. This type of care can also be provided by family members. If you or a loved one has a chronic disease, such as diabetes, home care may include medication reminders and assistance with managing health conditions.

Licensed home care service agencies (LHCSAs) provide health-related home care services to people who pay for the care out of their own funds or private insurance coverage. They can also be part of a managed long-term care system, which streamlines delivery of home care for people with chronic illness or disability. These providers are licensed and regulated by the state, do pre-employment screenings (criminal and Department of Motor Vehicle), and train, monitor, and supervise their workers.

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