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frontier safaris south africaBirds of Namibia and operated outfitters have been in business for over 31 years. Barry Burchell founded the safari outfitter with the vision to establish Africas greatest safari hunter. The outfitter now operates three pristine ranches across South Africa and Namibia covering over 240,000 acres. The Burchell Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa has over 75, 000 acres of unmatched rolling hills, a perfect habitat for Cape Kudu and Daweb-Suid in North Namibia has over 120, 000 acres of rocky, thorn bush covered mountains with great springbuck and oryx habitat.

The pristine nature of the two Namibian ranches gives clients access to a diverse range of terrains which supports a large variety of plains game species. The savanna grasslands in the Lowveld and the thorn bush covered mountains of the Kalahari are both ideal habitats for kudu, gemsbok, wildebeest, the tiny duiker, and over thirty different species. The family runs a very comfortable and scenic camp combining a room with a view and a cozy campfire boma, with first class guides and staff. Non hunters are welcome to tag along on the hunting safari and observe the adventure up close and personal.

Wings of Namibia: Discovering the Birds of the Region

Beth enjoyed the fact that Hluhluwe Imfolozi is situated in a very diverse area which meant they could see so much more than the big 5 when on their South Africa safari. She also found the guiding to be top notch and really appreciated learning about the cultural side of their tour. For her the highlight of her trip was being less than a meter away from a pride of lions which included two males and two females and their three two month old cubs.






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