Green Wedding Catering Ideas

green wedding catering ideas

If you’re planning a wedding that puts the environment first, there are plenty of green wedding catering ideas to consider. From good-for-the-planet doggie bag favors to plantable wedding invitations, there are ways to make your big day more sustainable without sacrificing your vision.

The hottest new trend is the grazing table, which reduces the need for separate food displays and allows guests to nibble on multiple menu items at once. Another eco-friendly option is to offer two sumptuous courses instead of three, so you don’t waste as much food. Plus, you can save money and go green by limiting your drink options to one signature alcoholic beverage and one non-alcoholic option.

Farm-to-Table Delights: Organic Wedding Catering Inspiration

Many caterers prioritize the environment and have a commitment to reducing their impact. Look for caterers who use plastic-free packaging, biodegradable cutlery, water-efficient dishwashing, and have a proven track record of recycling and composting.

Choosing locally sourced flowers is another simple way to go green. Local flower farmers support local businesses, cut costs and limit the carbon footprint of their transportation. Plus, you can help the environment by using less-toxic, non-sprayed floral options.

Instead of buying brand-new vases, linens and ceremony decor that will eventually be thrown away, consider renting or repurposing your favorites from thrift stores or using natural materials like moss, branches or greenery. It’s also possible to get an eco-friendly sendoff with a handful of flower petals or seed paper confetti that your guests can toss for photos.






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