Why You Should Choose a Tennis Court Maintenance Company

tennis court maintenance company

Having the right tennis court maintenance company will allow you to keep your investment safe, clean and enjoyable.

It’s important to regularly inspect your court for problems, especially after the first season of use. A poorly maintained court can be dangerous, especially for young children who may trip or fall over cracked surfaces. It’s also important to remove debris from the court on a regular basis, particularly organic material like pine needles and leaves which can stain the surface.

The Importance of Regular Wetpour Maintenance for Tennis Court Safety

If your court is showing signs of deterioration, it’s important to consult with an experienced tennis court professional as soon as possible. This will help prevent small issues from becoming more serious while allowing you to save on repair costs. A professional resurfacing company will recommend the best maintenance plan for your court, including the use of crack repair methods such as the ARMOR crack repair system (which uses knitted fabric that expands with the crack) instead of traditional filler or patching techniques.

Our team of specialists and tradesmen are skilled in maintaining both Har-Tru and asphalt courts. They are trained to assess your needs, understand the climate and installation challenges of your site and make unbiased recommendations.

Our annual reconditioning service will help to ensure your facility is ready for the season and inhibit moss growth and surface degradation. This process includes sweeping the entire court, power rolling and brushing, spray application of additional materials as needed and checking your nets and equipment. The owner of the company is out in the field servicing our clients throughout the summer and will always be available for questions or concerns.






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