Best Over Ear Headphones For Working Out

over ear headphones for working out

Whether you’re hitting the gym or over ear headphones for working out  reps in the yard, good audio can help transform your workout. But not all headphones and earbuds are made equal. A pair of over ear headphones for working out should be lightweight and comfortable, with a secure fit that doesn’t risk falling off during strenuous moves like squats and burpees. They should also be designed to resist sweat, since moisture can cause issues with electronic components and ear pads.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options that fit the bill. We’ve curated this list of over ear headphones that are ideal for exercising thanks to their sweat resistance, solid sound quality, and convenient features.

Elevate Your Fitness Regimen: Top Over-Ear Headphones for Peak Performance at the Gym

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit 6100 is a great option for fitness enthusiasts who want to listen to music while at the gym or on a run. They feature an IPX5 rating that protects against a low-pressure stream of water, which means you can wear them while swimming and even in light rain without worrying about damage.

These headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a sleek and modern design that looks just as good on a jog or hike as it does in the office. They also offer a superb battery life, which can easily last for an hour or more per charge when using ANC, and they’re compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Hey Google so you can control playback hands-free. They also come with a variety of ear inserts and wings to ensure you can find the best fit.






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