How to Choose a Japanese Knotweed Removal Company

We provide expert Japanese knotweed removal, surveying and treatment across the whole of the UK. With offices in Cobham in Surrey, Wallingford in South Oxfordshire and Birmingham in the West Midlands we are perfectly positioned to service any area of the country quickly.

If you have Japanese knotweed then it is important to get it removed promptly as it can cause significant problems if left untreated. Ignoring it can lead to significant costs, legal issues, mortgage problems and even structural damage to buildings and land. This is why it is imperative to choose a reputable japanese knotweed removal company.

Choosing the Right Japanese Knotweed Removal Company: Key Considerations

The best companies are accredited and work to industry standards such as those laid down by the Property Care Association’s Invasive Weed Control Group. Look for companies that have patents or other awards in this field, indicating that they are spending time and money on finding better ways to eradicate or manage the plant. JKSL for example are proud members of the PCA and use a revolutionary eco friendly MeshTech method designed in house to eliminate Japanese knotweed without using chemicals or burning.

You should also seek out reviews and recommendations about the company and its services. The internet is a good place to find these and, if possible, choose a company that has a credit check facility so you can see if they are likely to go bust taking your money with them! The devil is in the detail when it comes to Japanese Knotweed removal so make sure you have a firm that can verify photos of the weed and complete an initial homeowner survey before offering any treatments.






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