Tips to Enhance Your English Vocabulary

Having a good English vocabulary is crucial for effective communication. It will help you understand and write better, and avoid the need to constantly refer to a dictionary or thesaurus when writing, as these can slow down the writing process. Read more

There are many ways to enhance your English vocabulary but the key is to find strategies that work for you. These may include signing up to receive a new word a day (there are many websites that will email you a word a day for free), creating lists or mind maps of words and phrases that you come across, watching English-language films and TV shows with subtitles (to get more from the film and develop your listening skills) or reading articles on news portals in English.

Tips to Enhance Your English Vocabulary Quickly and Effectively

Another tip is to keep a vocabulary journal – this is a notebook or diary where you add any new words that you come across along with their meanings, synonyms and antonyms. You can also add a picture or drawing of the word to help you remember it. Many people learn better when they can see the word written down so this can be particularly useful for learners who struggle with memory.

You can also take tips #4 and #5 to the next level by making up a short story with your new vocabulary words and then retelling it to someone – the brain loves narratives and this will help you recall the words as well as explain them in more detail. It is also a great way to test your understanding and make sure you can use the words correctly.






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